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1966 Kites of Hope, poems by Miriam Mills (Drawings)

1967 Fool Spy, a novel by John Kuehl (Drawings)

1969 Maps #3: Poems for John Coltrane, (Sculpture & Drawings)

1973 Sculpture Casting, by Donna Meilach; Crown Publisher (Sculpture)

1974 Strivers' Row, John Hopkins University (Drawings)

1975 Chasin' the Train, by J.C. Thomas; Doubleday Publishers (Sculpture)

1976 Occurrence #6, Philadelphia, PA (Drawings)

1977 Prairie Schooner (Feature Cover Sculpture), Vol. 51, No.2; University of Nebraska; Lincoln, NE

1978 Occurrence #8, Philadelphia, PA (Drawings)

1979 Paper Air - John Taggart Issue, Vol. 2, No.1; Philadelphia, PA (Drawings)

1981 Peace on Earth: Poems by John Taggart /Drawings by Graves, Turtle Island Foundation; Berkeley , CA

Forma Viva 1961-81, Yugoslavia (Sculpture)

1982 Swing Journal (Feature Cover Sculpture), No.1 - Jan; Tokyo, Japan

1983 Hambone #3, Santa Cruz, CA (Sculpture)

American Drawings, Watercolors, Pastels, and Collages, Corcoran Gallery of Art; Washington, DC (Drawings)

1986 Conjunctions #9, NYC (Drawings)

This Mirror Can Crack a Stone (catalog) Georgetown University; Washington , DC (Sculpture)

Metaphysical Landscape (catalog) Robeson Gallery, Rutgers University; Newark , NJ (Sculpture)

1987 Scottish Open 4 (catalog), Scotland (Sculpture)

1988 Das Bildhauersymposion, verlag Gerd Hatje; Stuttgart, Germany

1989 Sculpture, by Arthur Williams; Davis Publications; Worcester, MA (Sculpture)

1991 Prompted: Poems by John Taggart, Kent State University Libraries, OH (Drawing)

1992 Gallery Guide (Feature Cover Sculpture), Philadelphia, PA

Hambone #10 - Spring (Feature Cover Sculpture), Santa Cruz, CA

1993 Discrepant Engagement (cover) Mackey, Cambridge Press. NY

1994 Songs of Degrees (cover) Taggart, University of Alabama


1967 "Sculpture Added to Quinlan Exhibit," The Daily Times, Athens, GA; Feb, 19

1971 " First New York State Highway Sculpture," The Christian Science Monitor; Nov.16

1973 "Between School & Castelli," Josh Cohn, Art In America. III/May-June

1974 "Against Mother-Wellism," Anna Mayo, The Village Voice, NYC; Oct. 31 1975

"Culture Shock," Annette Kuhn, The Village Voice; Aug. 4

"Ten Win Contest on Road Sculpture," New York Times, NYC; July 10

"Geysers of Controversy," Diana Loercher, The Christian Science Monitor; Aug. 15

1976 " Nebraska Highway Sculpture," Barbara Rose, Vogue; July

1977 "A Roadside for Sculptors," Newsweek; January 24

1978 "Three Sculptors," Barbara Cavaliere, Arts Magazine; Sept.

1981 "Review," John Caldwell, New York Times, NYC; March 8

1985 "Interpretations of the Southwest," Nancy Grove, Arts Magazine; Dec. 1986

"Metaphysical Landscape," Eilleen Watkins, Star Ledger, Newark, NJ; Apr.2

"Princeton Exhibition," Eilleen Watkins, Star Ledger, Newark, NJ; Dec. 7

"Minimal School of Sculpture," Michael Welzenbach, The Washington Times; Washington , DC ; May 1

1987 "Return to Connemara," Janet Kutner, Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX;   Apr. 4

1988 "ORIAC Sculpture," Eileen Watkins, Star Ledger, Newark, NJ; Aug. 5

1989 "Stone Sculptures as Visions of Nature," Victoria Donohue, The Philadelphia Enquirer, Philadelphia, PA; Mar. 11

1992 "Mystical Ancient Themes," George Silva, Ulster County Daily Freeman; July 3

1993 "Sculpture" - Philadelphia Enquirer, April 9

1994 "Bag It, Twang It, Thump It" - Rita Riff, The New York, June 12








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