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On August 17, 2014 there was a fast spreading fire that started in the old barn – mice gnawing through wires.

The flames jumped to an adjoining red building known as the Gallery where many of Brad’s more fragile pieces

were on exhibit as well as all the bronzes and some drawings.

Limestone is porous and the intense heat caused many of the sculptures to explode.

Sculptures were destroyed - identifiable and unidentifiable fragments – Brad had once written a piece ROCK PUZZLES.

All of these remains have been placed together under a pine tree – they rest on the pine needles and entropy will have their way with

them in the end.

Brad liked the idea of entropy – limestone came from the earth and will become part of it once again.

The heat never reached a magnitude to melt the bronzes.

A new open pavilion has been built over the remaining foundation of the Gallery .

I would like to thank Gary McGowan for his excellent work in restoring and repairing what was possible, cleaning the bronzes, and

advising in so many ways.

Also thanks to Bill Mead for his patience, time, and generosity in creating the Memorial page for the website.

The sculpture park never closed and will reopen in its latest iteration in May, 2016.


Ashes and Memories

Fire at Kerhonkson Sculpture Park a Loss to the Ages

A fire that took place on Aug. 17 destroyed a part of one of the Rondout Valley’s cultural gems when it raged through the 1885 barn that served as the Gallery Building of the Bradford Graves Sculpture Park on Route 209 in Kerhonkson.

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A Legacy Carved in Stone